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  • Khipu
  • Wilhelm Gretzer (1847 - 1926), Sammler
  • Inka 1400 - 1530
  • Peru
  • Baumwolle
  • Länge x Breite: 70 x 70 cm
  • Ident.Nr. V A 42607
  • Sammlung: Ethnologisches Museum | Amerika
  • © Foto: Ethnologisches Museum der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz
  • Fotograf/in: Lisa Kröning
6 quipus tied together.
Groups: 1 (the biggest quipu):9 x 8 pendants.
2 (the smaller quipu before (left on photo): no groups, but starting with one pendant twice as long as the others.
3,4,5 smaller quipus tied to one point of the mainstring of no 1. One of these consists of only one mainstring, and another has as the only one a topstring.
6 is a loose fragment - to the left on photo.

Colors: browns

Color combinations: monochrome, speckled

Strings: main, pendants, one topstring
Ply: all S
Diameter: main 4-7mm, pendants 1,5-2mm
Verso (tying pendant to mainstring)

Knots:1/1 endknots (like a single knot), 1/2 endknots (a single knot securing the pendant tied with only part of the pendant as active ), long knots (Z), single knots (Z)

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