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  • Khipu
  • Wilhelm Gretzer (1847 - 1926), Sammler
  • Inka 1450 - 1550
    Datierung engl.: Inca 1450 - 1550
  • Peru
  • Baumwolle
  • Länge x Breite: 64 x 15 cm
  • Ident.Nr. V A 42582
  • Sammlung: Ethnologisches Museum | Amerika
  • © Foto: Ethnologisches Museum der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz
  • Fotograf/in: Lena Bjerregaard
No. of pendants: 43

Groups: 2 x A (A= 17 identical pendants, grouped in 5,5,7)( 3. time the main is broken after 9 pend. but it is probably the same as A, as these 9 pend. are identical to the start of A.

Colors: tans, blue

Color combinations: monochrome, speckled

Strings: main, pendants, secondaries
Ply: S
Diameter: main 3mm, pendants/secs 1,8-2,5mm
Recto/verso (tying pendant to mainstring) Recto except the 4th pendant of each A group which is Verso!!!

Knots:1/1 endknots (like a single knot), 1/2 endknots (a single knot securing the pendant tied with only part of the pendant as active), 8, one long knot (Z).

Each complete pendant (exept the last of grpA, which has no knots) has one 8 knot.
The only long knot is situated on the secondary of the second to last pendant of the first A grp.

The main has at the start a 2 x 1 cm thick lashing.

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