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Gallery of Fashion, Fig. 171: Morning Dress
  • Gallery of Fashion, Fig. 171: Morning Dress
  • Druckgrafik (allgemein)
  • Nicolaus Innocentius Wilhelm Clemens van Heideloff (um 1761 - 1837.03.02, Den Haag), Herstellung, Zeichner u. Herausgeber
    William Bulmer (1757 - 9.9.1830), Herstellung, Drucker
  • 1798
  • Herkunft (Allgemein): London (Stadt)
  • kolorierte Radierung
  • Blattmaß: 30,3 x 24,0 cm
  • Ident.Nr. 14134368
  • Sammlung: Kunstbibliothek | Sammlung Modebild
  • © Foto: Kunstbibliothek der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz
  • Fotograf/in: Anna Russ
„Fig. 171.
Published as the Act directs March 1. 1798, by N. Heideloff at the Gallery of Fashion Office, No. 90, Wardour Street."
Modedruck aus der Londoner Zeitschrift Gallery of Fashion. 1. März 1798.
Morning Dress.
The front hair dressed high, and very full, in small curls upon the fore-
head; the sides cut short, and the hind hair cropped, and dressed in ring-
lets. Snail-horn bonnet of deep red purple-coloured velvet, trimmed with
a blue purple-coloured cock's tail light-horse feather. Petticoat of fine
calico, with a broad hem. High treble tucker of rich broad lace. Russia
pelisse of light blue purple taffeta, trimmed with blue fox fur; gold frogs
and loops; gold cord and tassels round the waist. Red morocco slippers,
trimmed with a deep yellow fringe. Blue fox fur muff.

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